Rest in Paradise: Tyrone Davis

Today, February 9, 2005, Tyrone Davis passed away in Hinsdale, Illinois. Davis has a 1979 song called ‘Ain’t Nothing I Can Do,’ and 24 years later, Beyonce sampled it in the ‘Be With You’ track of her debut solo studio album ‘Dangerously In Love.”  

Tyrone Davis and Beyonce share a commonality – Columbia Records. Both ‘Ain’t Nothing I Can Do,’ and ‘Be With You’ were released under Columbia Records. This connection is beautiful, especially as Beyonce homages Davis in her iconic 2003 debut. 

Beyonce is among several who’ve sampled Tyrone Davis’ ‘Ain’t Nothing I Can Do.’ Others include Pimpsta’s ‘Rollin’ On Them Thangs’, Krayzie Bone’s ‘Smoke Wit Me,’ and Michel’le’s ‘Mr. Officer.’

Nothing’s new under the sun, it’s all recreation. ‘Be With You’ is a nice remembrance of Tyrone Davis, as the sample of ‘Ain’t Nothing I Can Do’ is so apparent, and well-used. 

Stream ‘Ain’t Nothing I Can Do’ on YouTube today

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