What Everybody Ought to Know About Kid Cudi’s “Man on the Moon 3”

I keep it a buck when I say I’ve not always been a fan of Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi. I just never found interest in him – in fact, his music was not in my realm until the year of balance, 2020.

Nonetheless, with the release of “Man on the Moon III: The Chosen” December 11, 2020, I find myself going back through his other releases – streaming on subscription – completely amazed by the greatness I’ve seemed to miss out on.

Starting with his debut studio album, the one I am most fond of: “Man on the Moon: The End of Day.” This album right here, is the shit. Why? Because it has ‘Day ‘n’ Night!’

I mean, of course plenty more songs on the album are hits (i.e. ‘Make Her Say,’ Pursuit of Happiness,’ ‘Sky Might Fall’ and ‘Enter Galactic (Love Connection, Pt. I),’ but ‘Day ‘n’ Night’ is the one single that prompted me to add the entire album to my Apple Music Library – highly hoping the rest of the set is as poetic & emotive in lyric and beat as ‘Day ‘n’ Night.’ And of course, no disappointment from Kid Cudi.

Undeniably, there is an interesting combination of emotions, lyric and beat in Cudi’s content. Seems to span the depths of sorrow, loss, as well as confidence and contentment; all while staying true to the head-nodding nature of hip-hop. There are high levels of spirituality to this music; and that for me, makes life’s journey that much better.

The same is true with his second studio album, “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.’ My favorite track on this one is “Mr. Rager.” It sounds like a song for Kaytranada to take a shot at remixing. And it would also be nice if J. Cole hopped on for a verse of that particular remix. All of this is in a perfect world, of course.

Doing away with the day dreaming, let me confirm “Man on the Moon II” has themes of self-discovery just as the preceding album – such a pleasant thing to hear from a fellow melanin man.

More standout tracks on this installment of “Man of the Moon” are ‘Revofev,’ ‘Don’t Play This Song,’ ‘Marijuana,’ ‘Mojo So Dope,’ ‘Erase Me’ and ‘Ashin’ Kusher.’ Cudi’s flow on these tracks are supreme.

As a spiritual man, I definitely get a sense of enlightenment when listening to “Man on the Moon III: The Chosen.” From the album’s title, to the deeply honest lyrics of ‘Tequila Shots,’ the charm of ‘Elsie’s Baby Boy,’ and the acceptance in ‘Lord I Know,’ I’m getting some major wholeness vibes here.

I tell ya, just like Aunty Patti said, this spiritual thing is a timeless journey, and what matters most to me is the company I keep along the way. What everybody oughta know about “Man on the Moon III: The Chosen,” is that good music like this is hella great company. Cudi’s music lovers on iTunes also appreciate the release, as it debuted at no. 2 in North America.

People can buy likes, and teams can orchestrate chart success; but, Kid Cudi’s realness, artistry and staying-power afforded those chart positions.

Finally, I’ll officially declare this feat highly recommended – though, the music charts have already given it props. On the US Billboard 200, “Man on the Moon III: The Chosen” peaked at no. 3. That’s the highest position of all three installments. The other two are not too far off either: “Man on the Moon II” reached no. 3, and the debut “Man on the Moon,” no. 4. Clearly, this type of emotional hip-hop is timeless.

Thanks to Universal Music Group for aiding in the release of the music mentioned in this write-up. And, to Kid Cudi – who I know will see this at some point – keep shining and exploring; and dear God, please keep creating.

Stream “Man on the Moon 3” on YouTube today

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