Take 20 minutes to stream Lianne La Havas’ new “Live At The Roundhouse – EP…” you’ll be happy you did!

Lianne La Havas’s music tends to turn on my deeper emotions. Her vocals are earthy, and her delivery so compassionate, embodying truth and peacemaking. And just like the lifecycle of many relationships, her performance at London’s Roundhouse was short and sweet.

As with her debut album, her voice is a sweet, raw prickly pear straight off of the plant: wisdom-watered, full of soul, and oh so nutritious. Listening to the ‘Age’ singer has always served my diet well.

Live At The Roundhouse” is no different! In fact, it’s just what I welcome from artists of her caliber. Just as when I’m streaming Ledisi’s “The Intimate Truth,” this sentimental set whispers into the ear of my heart chakra- turning on my deeper emotions where I want to better innerstand the true meaning of love, life and relationships.

As to me, Lianne La Havas could never fail at delivering a soulfully rich project, just as with her long-awaited eponymous third studio album. With “Live At The Roundhouse,” her husky tone combines well with the nature-like songwriting and heavier production. ‘Seven Times’ opens the set with beautiful courage, as she calmly moves on to becoming light, with the quick-jabbing “Didn’t pay your rent, so I guess you’ll be leaving” lyric. Following suit, the heartstring-filled ‘Paper Thin’ envelops me in it’s pleading vulnerability. The song is extremely cathartic, merey describing the bittersweetness of an intimate love.

Equally emotional, ‘Courage’ finds Lianne La Havas in need of the strength to move past a pain mountain. Her third eye is activated in the mighty, melancholoy ‘Bittersweet,’ as she stands up to that mountain with these swords: “No more hangin’ around, oh.” Feeling lunar, she comes to admit that her “sun is going down-” her heat, passion and fire is burning out. What’s more appealing about this feat is the perfect placement of 2015’s ‘Midnight,’ closing the set by holding tight to her lesson-filled personal experiences.

In the end…

There’s something admirable and spiritual about the choice to reconcile the mind & heart after turbulence, embracing the unknown, and creating beauty out of both the pain and pleasures of life. With ‘Live At The Roundhouse,” Lianne La Havas balances those poles as she spans the arc of an intimate relationship; showing resilience, purpose, and making an even greater fan ouf me. Likewise, her international fans have already put this album on the Brititsh iTunes Albums chart (no. 72).

Stream “Live At The Roadhouse-EP” on YouTube today

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