Like Grammy-nominated Record Producer Mike Synphony, you can do anything you set your mind to

Michael “Synphony” Roett, after several years of producing hits for heavy-weight artists like Future, Taylor Swift and more, he’s made a huge, conscious decision to release his own music.

According to Mike, his switch to rapper was God-directed. In a spring 2019 recording session with Future, he felt God telling him to “leave now!” In fact, just a few days prior, Mike had another spiritual encounter, hearing God “so loudly.”

In his Los Angeles Montrose hotel room, this is was clarity he received from God:

I put people in your life for a reason, the good, bad, and the ugly. And when you leave it’s because you’ve learned what I needed you to know. Whether you know it or not.

As a result of this, on August 21, 2020, Mike Synphony released his first album, “King Est. 1920,” which he annouced on his Instagram page September 1, 2020. The album’s cover art is highly indicative of his closeness to God- with that light cross emerging from a certain cemetary darkness. When you take a listen, “King Est. 1920” has meditative overtones, introspective lyrics and seamless delivery. And of course, the beats are blazing.

With two tracks starred as fan favorites on Apple Music, fans are loving the new music from this multi-platinum producer: ‘Standin’ on My Crew‘ and ‘Atlanta.’ On YouTube, fans are continuing to stream “King Est. 1920,” raising view-count on both songs mentioned above well-upwards 300 combined. Those are incredible results without having been yet promoted by a mainstream label, speaking directly to Synphony’s staying-power.

Never setting-out to be a rapper, this transition from behind the boards, to behind the mic is clearly a divine call to begin sharing his life’s story. And when truly you’re called to do such a thing, it’s not always obvious that’s what you’re supposed to do – until the divine makes it real plain to see, just as with Mike Synphony. He went on to release another project December 4, 2020, called “When I Think About It – EP.”

This reminds me of when I began visualizing the HomageCollage idea in 2017, during an extremely ambiguous time in my personal & professional life. I stayed prayed up – intentional, devoted to wholeness – willing and able to do what was necessary to share my story, my way. Indeed, Mike Synphony is going to continue telling his story, his way, backed with education and experience in this rapidly evolving music industry.

Mike Synphony is a 2015 spring graduate of the SAE Institute, earning a degree in audio engineering. Among the other creators who’ve graduated from the SAE Institute are Jabari Tawiah, Chris Marcel, Eric Musyoka, Ricky Mears, Juan Cristiani and many more. His first gig out of college was a brief, but invaluable internship at Atlanta’s Triangle Sound Studios, where he worked with hit-makers Tricky Stewart and The-Dream.

Given the expansive record production discography Mike Synphony is steadily adding to, it would seem his solo rap work could be well-received, at least initially by the loyal fans of artists he’s helped to the top of the music charts. This is most definitely true, as the YouTube views on his first two releases rise.

He’s worked on music for the 2018 Superfly film soundtrack, Taylor Swift’s ‘End Game,’ and Future’s “Save Me” extended play just to name a few.

As we all know, when you’re doing well, the opposite energies come in to test your will to continue on the path to your greatness. In the same way, just as Synphony’s career is beginning to skyrocket, his close friend and mentor passed away. Seth Firkins, producer of music by Future, Jay-Z, Rihanna and more, passed away in his sleep in late September 2017. When losing someone you’re so close with, it can make achieving your goals that much more difficult, or it can serve as motivation to create the most tuneful art.

Like Mike Synphony, we all can do whatever we set our mind to do, we just have to tap into our most higher self. With a rooted connection, one gains the godfidence to step out on faith, a fluctuating comfort zone, and into more expansive waters. Thankfully, Synphony has long been tapped into the artistic and spiritual space that’s served both himself, and us music lovers.

Consider this…

As it relates to his growing production discography, Mike Synphony personifies divine purpose and honest perfectionism, so it’s no huge wonder he earned a Grammy nod multiple times over. But what’s more imperative to recognize is the spiritual happening that changed the direction of his career, and by the grace of God- his life.

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